5 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Do you know that wild cats love sleeping on top of trees? They scratch tree trunks, climb up high and watch around and sometimes even take their prey on top of a tree to eat it there without being bothered by the other animals, in peace. Domestic cats instinctively have the same need to climb, scratch and sleep above the ground level where they feel safer and more in control of their surroundings. Cat trees satisfy all these needs in one package. However, if your cat is larger than the average house cat, then finding the right cat tree for its size becomes a nuisance. You need something more stable and sturdier to compensate for the weight of your chubby friend. I have searched, picked out and reviewed the best cat trees for large cats and for multiple cats on the market. Here are my top favorite 5, I suggest that you have a look at my cat trees for large cats reviews and cat trees for multiple cats reviews before making a choice.

SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree

SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.8
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Size: 23.6 x 21.6 x 67 inches
Armarkat 70 Inches Cat Tree

Armarkat 70″ Cat Tree

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.6
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Size: 53 x 22 x 72 inches
Go Pet Club 72 Inches Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.6
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Size: 15 x 34 x 20 inches
MidWest 50 Inches Cat Tree

MidWest 50″ Cat Tree

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.6
  • Weight: 32.5 pounds
  • Size: 22 x 15 x 50.5 inches
CatHaven 60 Inches Cat Condo

CatHaven 60” Cat Condo

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Size: 24 x 24 x 48 inches

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats and Multiple Cats Reviews (Updated List)

1 SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree

SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat TreeSongmics Multi-Level Cat Tree offers your cat a cozy home of its own where it can play, scratch and sleep. Songmics cat tree features 3 padded plush perches with raised edges so that your cat rest its head on and watch around. Cats do want to have some privacy from time to time and therefore there are two spacious condos for your cat to sleep in. To save your couch and furniture from sharp claws, this cat tree has all its posts covered with sisal rope which is highly resilient and strong. Plus, there is one big scratchboard at the bottom and three hanging fur balls for extra fun.

Songmics cat tree is extremely stable and safe for your cat to jump around. It is constructed by CARB-certified natural particle boards which are strengthened at the bottom for stability. To provide further stability it can be attached to the wall by anti-toppling fittings. The tubes holding the platforms are made of compressed and glued cardboard and they are quite robust so that the platforms do not wobble. The only negative feedback on this product is that even though the sisal rope covering the posts is sturdy and durable if the cat misses the sisal rope and scratches on the carpeted part of the posts, the fabric can get ripped.

Key features:

  • 67” tall and weighs 60 pounds
  • Available in two colors, dark grey, and light grey
  • 3 padded perches
  • 2 spacious condos
  • All posts are covered in sisal rope for scratching.
  • One large scratching board.
  • 3 hanging fur balls.
  • Covered by a 30-month warranty.


2 Armarkat 70″ Cat Tree

Armarkat 70 Inches Cat TreeArmarkat Cat Tree is an all in one package for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. It is made from sturdy and durable pressed wood with faux fur covering. It features two perches with raised edges for your cat to lounge on and one large condo to sleep in. At the bottom of the tree, there is an extra comfortable hammock, also covered by plush faux fur. All posts are covered by scratchable ropes and there are two hanging fur balls for your cat to play with.

Armarkat cat tree is also very easy to assemble. Plus, it is under warranty for six months. In case any part is broken due to a manufacturing defect within six months then it will be replaced free of charge. After six months, you can purchase replacements for the damaged parts for small prices.

Key features:

  • 70” tall and weighs 59 pounds.
  • Made of pressed wood and covered with faux fur.
  • Two perches.
  • One hammock.
  • One large condo.
  • Two hanging fur balls.
  • All posts covered with scratchable ropes.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 6-month warranty.


3 Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72 Inches Cat TreeGo Pet Club Cat Tree is a huge resort for your cat with three perches, two condos, and two hanging toy mice. It consists of 10 posts, all covered with natural sisal ropes, and 15 levels of joy. The rest of the surfaces are covered with faux fur. This cat tree is offered in tow color options as beige and blue but I would prefer the beige one because blue is a too strong color to go with the rest of the furniture.

Go Pet Club cat tree is quite easy to assemble but one thing to take into account is that unless fixed well some of the bolts remain to stick out. It is a possibility that your cat hurts itself because of one of the sticking bolts so try to pay extra attention to it during assembly. It is made with compressed wood and therefore is sturdy enough to deal with the antics of your large kitty.

Key features:

  • 72 inches high and weighs 68 pounds.
  • Available in two colors, beige and blue.
  • Made with compressed wood and faux fur.
  • Posts are covered with sisal rope.
  • Three perches.
  • Two condos.
  • Two hanging toy mice.


4 MidWest 50″ Cat Tree

MidWest 50 Inches Cat TreeMidwest Cat Tree is one of the most stylish of the choices. It combines ultra-soft faux fur with a designer print fabric. The midwest cat tree features a perch on the highest level for your cat to lounge on. On the base level, there is a cozy condo to give your cat a little privacy. It has strong 5 tiers each sisal wrapped. They provide tough, resilient scratching posts; great alternatives to your expensive furniture.  Moreover, there are two dangling fur balls for your cat to play with.

The base of Midwest Cat Tree is quite heavy and stable, Thus, you do not need to worry about it tipping over. Moreover, you can clean it by wiping with a damp cloth and detergent. It is very easy to assemble; all you need is a small screwdriver. Last but not least, this product is covered by one year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Key features:

  • 50” tall and weighs 32.5 pounds.
  • Five levels.
  • One perch.
  • One condo.
  • Two dangle ball toys.
  • One year warranty.


5 CatHaven 60” Cat Condo

CatHaven 60 Inches Cat CondoCatHaven Cat Tree is different from all the other cat trees in design because it actually looks like a real tree, with leaves and all! It will be like a decorative plant in any room while making your cat feel like it actually is hiding behind the branches of a real tree. It is made from compressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves and is perfect for jumping, scratching, climbing, and relaxing.

CatHaven cat condo stands on a square base covered with artificial turf and features three carpeted perches. Each perch is adjustable and can be swiveled and secured in different positions. It is stable enough to carry a 32-pound cat. In spite of the fact that all the materials used are non-toxic and pet safe if your cat is a biter, I do not recommend this tree. Because eventually, it may end up eating the leaves one by one which will lead your tree to look ugly and your cat to vomit all around the house.

Key features:

  • 60” tall and weighs 30 pounds.
  • Made from compressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves.
  • All materials are non-toxic.
  • Three carpeted adjustable perches.
  • It can hold up to 32 pounds.
  • Easy assembly without the need for any tools.


Cat Tree for Large Cats or Multiple Cats Buying Guide

Cats, big or small, all love elevation, cozy retreats, areas to groom themselves and toys to play with. A cat tree is like an all in one package for all these needs. There is a vast variety of cat trees on the market but when it comes to picking one for a big-boned feline friend, things start getting a bit more complicated. Here are a few tips for choosing the best cat tree for a large cat.

1. Stability and Strength

Best Cat Trees For Large Cats And For Multiple CatsUnless stable and strong enough, a cat tower can become very dangerous. You must make sure that the product you have purchased is strong enough to support the weight of your cat and will not topple over as it jumps from one level to another.  Mostly, weight limits are stated in the product manuals. In addition to sticking to the weight limit, it might be a good idea to examine the base of the cat tree. A good cat tower should have a post that is attached to a wide and stable base that doesn’t wobble when you exert some force on it. Apart from the danger, cats hate when the floor under them is shakey so make sure that the cat tree you purchase stands solidly after assembly.

2. Materials Used

Materials used in the making of a cat tree is important in two ways. They are important for the durability of the product and for the health of your cat. For instance, materials such as compressed wood and sisal rope are both durable and eco and pet-friendly. On the other hand, some materials such as pressed cardboard used to construct the posts are more likely to sag under the weight of your cat over time. Of course, it depends on how thick they are but it would not hurt to check their strength in the beginning. Moreover, depending on the nature of your cat, it may nibble on here and there sometimes. So, it is important that what they chew on is non-toxic and would not make your cat ill.

3. Height

Cats love being up high and the higher the cat tower, the more fun. However, this may not be always the case. You should decide the height of the cat tree according to your cat’s abilities. If your cat is old for example, it may be better if you go with something shorter because it may not have the energy to climb all the levels at its old age. It is the same for overweight cats. Even though a higher cat tree would mean more exercise for your fat furball, what is the use if it will never climb to the higher levels and will prefer to stick around the lower levels? But if you have a fit and agile cat, a tall cat tree might be a paradise for it.

Cat Trees For Large Cats Reviews4. Functionality

The functionality of a cat tower depends very much on your cat’s personality. All cats are not the same and therefore their expectations from a good cat tower also differ. Is your cat a scratcher? Then, get something with a wide scratchboard or something with multiple posts covered with sturdy sisal rope. Does your cat like keeping to itself and value its private time the most? Well, then you need something with at least one spacious and cozy condo. Is it a curious cat that likes watching its territory even while resting? Get something with a perch on one of the higher levels. Also, dangling toys such as balls help to keep your cat well-entertained and also provide some exercise for them. If your cat has weight issues and is too lazy to climb up high, you may prefer the dangling toy on one of the lower levels so that even though it does not climb, it will still get its exercise and fun.

How to Make Your Cat Like Its Cat Tree?

Cats are always skeptical about new things and they approach them cautiously. It is possible that your cat will feel the same about its new cat tree. However, it is possible to get your cat to love it by following some simple steps.


Where you place the cat tree is quite important. Try to place it in a room where your cat likes spending time. If you place it somewhere your cat never goes to just to make good use of empty space, the tree may end up being useless. Also, you may want to place it somewhere that takes sunlight and from where your cat can gaze out of the window as it lies in one of the perches. If you do so, whenever your cat wants to take a sunbath or watch the birds outside, it will go to its cat tree.

Positive Association

Whenever your cat approaches the cat tree or is around it, make your cat the center of attention. Play with it and say words of praise and encouragement so that it will know that it is actually doing something good. You can also place its toys on various stages of the tower so that it will start thinking of it as a playground. If the cat tree already has some built-in toys like dangling fur balls and so on, show them to your cat to pique its interest. Plus, show your cat that there are plenty of surfaces to scratch on the tree such as the posts covered in sisal rope or the scratching board if it has one. Eventually, it will want to play with you on the new playground.


Cat Trees For Multiple Cats ReviewsComfort is the priority for most of the cats. Therefore, try to make the structure even more comfortable and inviting than it already is. Try placing your cat’s favorite blanket in its condo. Put extra bedding or pillows on the perches. Soon, you will notice that your cat will start preferring the cat tower for naps or just for lazily lying down and watching around.

Safe Haven

Make your cat feel safe whenever it is on or around the cat tree. It is a structure offering elevated places to escape from the deadly vacuum cleaner and other daily threats, after all. Your cat needs to see that the cat tree is completely its territory and when on it, it is completely safe.


As in many other cases, bribery works here too. If your cat refuses to approach the new cat tower, place some treats around it. When it starts feeling safe around it, start placing treats on the first level. After the first level, gradually start placing the treats higher and higher until your cat sees that it is completely safe to climb the tower. Once it climbs all the way up, it will start doing it on its own, without the need of bribing it with treats.

How to Build a Custom Cat Tree? (DIY Cat Tower)


A well-built cat tree is every cat’s dream. It is like a paradise where they can sleep, watch around, scratch, climb and play. In my opinion, every house cat should have a tree of their own to call their own territory. I hope that my reviews on the best cat trees for large cats have helped you to make the purrfect decision for your furry friend and it will fall so much in love with its new cat tree that it will leave all your furniture alone, for good! If you are looking for other ways to make your kitty keep its claws off your furniture, you may also want to check my selection of best cat scratching posts and best cat playpens & enclosures. Kittie Cat has everything you need for your cat.

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