Hello, dear friends of Kittie Cat!

I am a mother of two – one cat (Yoda) and one dog (Romeo). I love them both to the end of the world but it was my cat Yoda who inspired me to create Kittie Cat.

Even though I have been a dog mother since forever, I had never taken care of a cat until I found motherless and sickly baby Yoda in a cardboard box dumped on the side of a road. I was walking Romeo that day and when I heard her desperate wails I knew that I could not just walk away. She was only about a week old then and had to be fed by a syringe for a while.

At that time, neither my husband nor I knew nothing about taking care of a cat and we were stuck with a very young one! Apart from consulting our veterinarian, I had to do loads of internet research to find answers to our never-ending questions. I remember often thinking about how difficult it was to find the correct answers and good advice among all that info pollution. One of those days, I thought “I am already doing all this research, why not share it with other people?” and that is how Kittie Cat started.

I know that there are many cat parents out there who pass through similar phases, seeking the answers to the same questions. If this site can be of any help to them, I would be delighted. Please know that all the content of Kittie Cat is based on personal experience and broad research. Since my duty as a cat mother never ends, I try to keep myself and the content of the site as up to date as possible.

In spite of the fact that I am a quite experienced cat mother now, please remember that I am not a veterinarian. I believe that my tips and suggestions will be helpful to you but please do not solely rely on them and consult your veterinarian for the specific needs of your fur baby!

If you have any further questions about us, about our posts and articles or if you would like us to cover anything further on kitties, please feel free to contact us!