A Cat Came into My Home: What Does It Mean?

Some people get a cat from a shelter, a breeder – or some other intentional sources, simply because they wanted a cat. However, other people become cat owners simply because it walked right into their house. “You’re my human now” you could picture them saying.
Imagine this: you went for an evening stroll, not five minutes after you get into your house and you hear a “meow.” That’s when you realize that a cat has come to your house and you have no idea where it came from and why.

Reasons Why the Cat Came to Your House

Reasons Why The Cat Came to Your HouseSo, what would be the reason for a cat coming straight into your house, of all houses? Well, here’s what it might mean;

1. It Is Looking for Food

If a cat came into your house, the chances are very high that it was simply hungry. Domestic cats nowadays have evolved from the wild cats of the past and they know that the best food comes from humans. Your house was probably the first one in its path that blinked to “food’s here” neon to them.

2. It Is Looking for Shelter

Cats want food – but they also want shelter. So, if it was cold or raining outside, it is very likely that it was just looking for shelter from the cold. Your house seemed warm – and if you also had the fire on, it’s understandable why the cat chose your home.

3. It Is Lost

If you see a cat that is very well-groomed has entered your house – and worst of all, it does not have a collar and tag – then it means the cat probably got lost. Once more, it probably entered your house because it was hungry and didn’t know how to get to its own food bowl. The cat probably chose you because you were the closest in the area.

4. It Is intrigued by a Sound or a Smell

The cat may not exactly be a stray. It can be a cat from next door, one that has noticed that you are cooking incredibly tasty food every day. A cat may only be used to cat food but if it senses a very interesting smell, it will become curious and will want to investigate.
It is also likely that it will come late at night when everyone else is asleep. This way, it will know that it is safe to take a closer look and investigate the source of the smell or sound.

5. It Wants Affection

Anyone who’s ever had a cat will know that cats are half cuddle, half crazy. So, when they wander into your house, there’s a 50% chance that they need some affection. They want to be cuddled, loved and you are the one who was lucky enough to be in their path.

6. It Sensed Bad Energy

It is said that cats can sense when humans are in need of care and affection as well. Like when they seem to place themselves on the painful spot of your body, just to make it better.
They can also sense when you are feeling down so, they are probably following that energy to you. It is believed that cats have a sort of “sixth sense” – a supernatural ability that allows them to find bad energies and absorb them. Thus, if the owner of the house is depressed, it is likely that the cat came “on a mission” to help out. Cats can be really nice when they want to.

7. It Saw You Feeding Other Pets

In the end, it all boils down to food. A cat, no matter if it’s stray or not, may see you feeding other pets (cats, dogs, birds, etc.). So, if it sees this happening, it probably thinks that you could feed it too.
The chances are very high that you may have already fed this cat before but don’t remember it. Cats, however, remember these things. So, if you feed them once, they will probably come back for more. It may not be your cat but you’re its human now.

8. It Ran Away

Some cats get lost and others simply run away. This cat may have not liked its past home (it was abused, not fed, etc.), so it “decided” to find owners someplace else. After going through such a rough time, it was probably looking for a human to help it out. You were the lucky one!

9. It Liked the Home Vibe

Maybe the cat just liked the way your house looked – or maybe it simply liked the humans living in it. Cats have the ability to sense when the inhabitants of a house are nice people and they probably decided that it would be a nice place to grow up and develop in.
They are attracted to good energy. So, if they feel that a house is clad with serenity, peace, and positive vibes, they will come straight to you. This type of tranquility is exactly what will allow them to live properly.

10. It Got Frightened

A cat that has been living indoors for all its life will probably not be familiar with the noise made by cars on the street and will be scared of the busy environment. This is why, it will start looking for a quiet and safe shelter, away from the multiple noises on the street.

What Does It All Mean?

To put things simply, the overall reasons boil down to a few things: the cat was looking for food, shelter, or companionship. It may also be looking for a new home, or it was scared enough to enter a stranger’s home.
Regardless of the reason, you might want to think of the next steps – the first being to find its owners. If it has a tag or a chip, they will certainly be happy to get their cat back. If not… well, it probably means that you now have a new cat. In case you can’t keep it, at least try to find it a good home.

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