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Felines have unique nutritional needs and it is vitally important to choose the right cat food to address each of these specific needs. There is a broad variety of cat food out there but you cannot just go and pick one, can you? As a loving cat owner, you would want to feed your kitty the optimum cat food for its health and development

Kittie Cat has done its research and has picked the healthiest and the most nutritious cat food types and brands available on the market. Whether your cat is a newly born kitten or a senior, whether it suffers from diabetes or struvite crystals, Kittie Cat has something to meet all its particular needs to thrive.

In addition to our reviews on cat food, in our posts, you can also find guides on how to pick the most suitable cat food for your kitty and information on medical conditions related with your cat’s diet among many other things on feline alimentation!

  1. Dry Cat Food
  2. Kitten Food
  3. Senior Cat Food
  4. Grain-free Cat Food
  5. High Fiber Cat Food
  6. Hypoallergenic Cat Food
  7. Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach & Vomiting
  8. Cat Food for Hairballs
  9. Cat Food for Urinary Crystals
  10. Cat Food for Weight Gain
  11. Cat Food for Shedding
  12. Cat Food for Diabetic Cats


LitterCat litter or a litter box is nothing special when you think of it only as a part of your cat’s daily toilet routine. One may even ask “Why so many brands and types?”. It is just litter after all… However, the cat litter and the box that you use have the power of turning your life into hell or heaven. If you cannot stand the smelly litter box, cat litter for odor control might be your savior. Or, if you are fed up with the cat litter scattered all around your house, a top entry litter box might do the trick. To take it a step further, dust-free cat litter might be the cure for your or your cat’s allergies!

Kittie Cat has thought about all your litter problems and has offered solutions fit for all cat owners, including households with multiple cats. Read the reviews in our posts on litter now, before making a choice! You will also find many tips on how to maintain your cat’s litter box, how to save on litter and many more!

  1. Cat Litter for Odor Control
  2. Dust Free Cat Litter
  3. Cheapest Cat Litter
  4. Litter Boxes for Multiple/Big Cats
  5. Top Entry Litter Boxes
  6. Automatic/Self-cleaning Litter Boxes
  7. Best Cat Litter Mats


Toys & Accessories

Toys & AccessoriesEach toy and accessory that you purchase for your ball of fur is an investment in your house and your comfort. A bored cat is an unhappy cat and unhappy cats tend to get themselves into mischief. Are you aware that the right scratching post is capable of saving your precious carpet? Or that a cat tree will save you from having to buy a new sofa? Do you know that a cat playpen will make your little companion feel safe and happy as it will spare your guests from the claws of a stressed kitty?

Kittie Cat has reviewed the top toys and accessories which will make both you and your cat happy while keeping your house intact. Furthermore, in our posts, you can find many tips and tricks on how to get your cat accustomed to this new equipment and to get to love them, among many other things!

  1. Cat Playpens & Enclosures
  2. Cat Scratching Posts
  3. Cat Trees for Large Cats


CarriersDomestic cats hate changing places and all experienced cat owners know that. They feel safest in their own territory, they are the kings and queens there. However, sometimes traveling is mandatory. Or maybe you feel like your cat just does not know what it has been missing and you want to show your best friend the outside world. Even regular visits to the vet require going out.

In all these scenarios you need a cat carrier regardless of the type. Be it an airline-approved travel carrier, a backpack carrier for hiking or a cat stroller for an evening stroll; Kittie Cat has it all covered for you. We have reviewed many different kinds of cat carriers and have listed our favorite ones. Make sure that you do not skip reading our guides on how to make your kitty love each and every type of them!

  1. Cat Travel Carriers
  2. Cat Backpack Carriers & Bubble Backpacks
  3. Cat Collars
  4. Cat Harnesses
  5. Cat Strollers



GroomingOne of the responsibilities that come with being a cat owner is keeping your furry friend well-groomed. You would never want your precious baby to be pestered by fleas or dander. You would want to rid its fur of all the mats and tangles for it to look its best in all its glory!

Well, it is not all that difficult when you have the right grooming tools. It does not matter if your cat hates the brush and does not want to be groomed with it. For those, there are grooming gloves available. You cat may have sensitive skin and it might not be a possibility for you to use a pin brush. For those, there are rubber brushes which are just as effective when chosen wisely. In short, Kittie Cat has something fit for everyone!

Read our reviews on the most practical and effective grooming tools for cats and enjoy your fur ball’s shiny and healthy coat soft to your touch. If you read our guides on grooming, we guarantee that your cat will show off with its coat in top condition at all times!

  1. Flea Combs for Cats
  2. Cat Grooming Gloves
  3. Brushes for Long Hair Cats



HygieneHygiene is imperative to both your and your cat’s health at all times. A house free of cat litter dust, cat urine and feces is a must for a healthy household. In order to maintain that, you may need to discourage your cat from using your carpets as its toilet. However, accidents do happen and in that case, you may need to clean your sofa of all cat urine thoroughly. Or, you may need to vacuum your house daily to keep allergens at bay.

In order to overcome each and every one of these obstacles, you need the right tools. Do not worry though, Kittie Cat has it all covered for you. Our posts on hygiene will show you the way of tackling them all with the least effort. Our tips on maintaining hygiene at your house are the bonuses!

  1. Cat Urine Removers
  2. Cat Repellents
  3. Vacuums for Cat Litter



HealthThe key to a happy cat is in the first place a healthy cat. A good and responsible cat owner wants to see their cat healthy and happy more than anything! You cat might come against many health issues throughout its life but it is in your hands to arm your little friend against them or to cure them once they occur.

Ear mites and worms among many other ailments have been taken into consideration by Kittie Cat and precautions along with remedies for all of them have been reviewed. We believe that our posts on cat health will be helpful to you, along with your veterinarian’s recommendations, of course. Kittie Cat wishes you all healthy days!





Being a cat mother/father is a full-time job and the eccentricities of our fur friends keep us wondering. You relax on the sofa and your kitty licks your hand. However, all of a sudden it starts biting leaving you wondering why? Or it kneads you but never your spouse and you wonder “Why me and not my husband?”. The behavioral changes of your cat always keep you wondering and asking questions. Why doesn’t my cat eat? Why doesn’t my cat poop? Does my cat drink enough water? It never ends.

We believe that you will find answers to most of your questions in our informational posts. In our blog, we try to answer the most frequently asked questions on cat behavior and health. We keep it updated with new topics so stay curious and keep following our blog!

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